Saturday, November 10, 2012

Of sunsets and gratitude

Some days are bright and shiny. Some days are dull. But sometimes there are more gray days than sunshine. And many other times it seems like the sun will never come out again.
But there is always light, a light of hope that is stored deep in our hearts, a little voice that whispers "this is not the end yet." This is only the beginning.

And in our busy daily lives, we forget that the small things are the ones that count the most. We forget that a hot cup of tea in the morning can really warm our soul, a smile to a stranger can really brighten up their day, and a hug, or a word of kindness can really make a difference.

The world doesn't revolve around us. We are part of it and we are the forces that move it.

I often forget how blessed I am. I often take things for granted. And many other times I only allow myself to see the dark side of things.

Today I am grateful for sunsets, for the light that produces them and the eyes that are able to appreciate them. I am grateful for being able to capture this beautiful display of colors, that not everybody is lucky to see.

What are you grateful for today?

Desert sunset Desert sunset Desert sunset