Monday, December 17, 2012

Be a human today

I'm sitting at my desk, pretending to be productive when all I can think about and feel is pain. I look as if I was highly engrossed reading the latest scientific article that came out in one of those high impact journals. In reality, I'm reading the news and I can't help staring into the blankness of the page that I'm typing on and let my heart ache.
Last night while laying in bed I was thinking about a blog post that would be about me, and about how my life is so much different than a year ago. But today is not about me. Today's post is dedicated to all of those who are suffering, all of those who are in pain, whether it is because they've lost a loved one or because of a terminal illness.
These simple words go out to those who are chained to their addictions, obsessions or traumas. These humble lines are dedicated to what makes us human and what brings us together as mankind. I wish I could say that I feel your pain, but only you, who is reading these lines, knows exactly what makes your heart ache. Only you know how unbearable your suffering is, whatever it may be.  I wish I could take your pain and transform it into something beautiful. But only you have the power to do that.

Today I wish for a world that is capable of going beyond its differences and unite in prayer for our troubles. Because no matter how many technological or scientific advances we make, if we lose our ability to feel and empathize, we've defeated the purpose of being on this planet.

Today, forget about your pain and put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Today, be a human.

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